165 Witty Answers To “What Will You Do For Me?” To A Girl

Jyoti Choudhary

Who among us has not been thrown off guard when asked, "What will you do for me?" by a girl.

We might stutter or fumble, but with some quick thinking, you can come up with some witty and engaging responses.

This blog post will provide you with eight approaches, ranging from humor to chivalry, to help you navigate this tricky question with aplomb.

Turning The Tables With Humor

Humor can be your best ally when faced with the question, "What will you do for me?" It's an excellent way to turn the tables and lighten the atmosphere, showing her that you know how to have a good time.

  1. "I'll be your personal comedian, guaranteed to make you laugh at least once a day."
  2. "I'll charm your socks off and then probably accidentally lose them in the laundry."
  3. "I'll cook you dinner and make sure it's so good you'll forget takeout ever existed."
  4. "I'll be your designated pillow fluffer, because comfort is key."
  5. "I'll be your GPS in life, navigating through all the twists and turns with a witty remark at every corner."
  6. "I'll be your personal hype person, ready to boost your confidence whenever you need it."
  7. "I'll be your personal weather forecaster, predicting sunny days even when it's pouring rain."
  8. "I'll be your designated spider catcher, because someone's gotta do it, right?"
  9. "I'll be your 24/7 tech support, ready to troubleshoot any problem with a side of sarcasm."
  10. "I'll be your personal masseuse, specializing in back rubs and terrible puns."
  11. "I'll be your unofficial therapist, offering sage advice with a healthy dose of humor."
  12. "I'll be your designated dance partner, even if my moves resemble a baby giraffe learning to walk."
  13. "I'll be your personal chef, whipping up culinary masterpieces with a side of cheesy puns."
  14. "I'll be your designated selfie photographer, always ready to capture your good side."
  15. "I'll be your personal cheerleader, complete with pom-poms and a repertoire of cheesy chants."
  16. "I'll be your designated bedtime storyteller, spinning tales so captivating you'll forget about sleep altogether."
  17. "I'll be your designated playlist curator, ensuring the soundtrack of your life is always on point."
  18. "I'll be your designated karaoke partner, even if my singing sounds like a cat being strangled."
  19. "I'll be your personal comedian, guaranteed to make you snort-laugh at least once a day."
  20. "I'll be your designated nap buddy, ready to join you in some serious snooze sessions."
  21. "I'll be your personal chauffeur, driving you around town with a mixtape of dad jokes ready to roll."

The trick here is to use humor that is both witty and respectful the goal is to make her laugh, not feel uncomfortable.

Playing The Mysterious Card

Engaging in a little bit of mystery can add an exciting twist to the conversation.

Rather than answering the question, "What will you do for me?" directly, provide a response that sparks her curiosity and leaves her intrigued to uncover more.

  1. "I could unravel secrets from ancient scrolls just for you."
  2. "I'd weave tales of intrigue and adventure, with you as the protagonist."
  3. "I'd be your personal enigma, leaving breadcrumbs for you to decipher."
  4. "I'd serenade you with riddles under the moonlight."
  5. "I'd be the puzzle you can't resist solving."
  6. "I'd be the mysterious figure who appears at just the right moment."
  7. "I'd create a treasure map with clues leading to surprises for you."
  8. "I'd be your partner in unraveling the mysteries of the universe."
  9. "I'd whisper secrets in your ear that only you could understand."
  10. "I'd be the enigmatic companion on your journey through life."
  11. "I'd keep you guessing, always one step ahead."
  12. "I'd be the shadow that dances on the edge of your perception."
  13. "I'd write cryptic messages in invisible ink, just for you to decipher."
  14. "I'd be the question mark in the story of your life."
  15. "I'd leave behind a trail of intrigue wherever I go, leading straight to you."
  16. "I'd be the master of disguise, keeping you intrigued with every new persona."
  17. "I'd be the riddle you can't quite figure out but can't stop thinking about."
  18. "I'd be your partner in crime, plotting adventures that only we can understand."
  19. "I'd be the mysterious stranger who steals your heart without a word."
  20. "I'd be the puzzle piece that completes your picture-perfect life."

This approach can create a sense of suspense and can be particularly effective if the atmosphere is already playful.

Showcasing Your Chivalry

Unleashing your gallantry is a surefire way to win her over when she asks, "What will you do for me?" Tread this path to display your courteous, respectful side that's not afraid to treat her like the lady she is.

This approach is rooted in kindness, consideration, and genuine respect.

Aim for responses that convey these qualities without sounding cliché or outdated.

  1. I'll be your designated chef and whip up some delicious meals for us.
  2. I'll be your ultimate Netflix buddy, always ready with the popcorn.
  3. I'll learn to dance just so I can sweep you off your feet on the dance floor.
  4. I'll be your tech support, fixing all your gadgets and devices.
  5. I'll be your personal photographer, capturing all our amazing moments together.
  6. I'll serenade you with my guitar skills whenever you need a pick-me-up.
  7. I'll be your personal shopper, helping you find the perfect outfits.
  8. I'll be your adventure buddy, always up for exploring new places with you.
  9. I'll be your designated driver, ensuring you always get home safe after a night out.
  10. I'll be your motivator, pushing you to achieve your goals and dreams.
  11. I'll be your comedian, always ready to make you laugh when you need it most.
  12. I'll be your massage therapist, easing away all your stress and tension.
  13. I'll be your personal trainer, keeping you fit and healthy.
  14. I'll be your handyman, fixing anything that breaks around the house.
  15. I'll be your personal assistant, helping you stay organized and on top of things.
  16. I'll be your confidant, always here to listen to your thoughts and feelings.
  17. I'll be your travel planner, arranging unforgettable trips for us.
  18. I'll be your bookworm buddy, discussing our favorite reads together.
  19. I'll be your karaoke partner, belting out tunes with you until the early hours.
  20. I'll be your cuddle buddy, providing warmth and comfort whenever you need it.

You want to demonstrate your willingness to put her needs first, while acknowledging her independence and strength.

For instance, why not say, "I'll hold the door for you, not because you can't, but because I want to." This statement does an excellent job of respecting her capabilities while expressing a desire to show kindness.

The Sweet Response

If you're looking to woo her with some heartfelt sentiments, then opt for a sweet and tender response.

Such answers not only express your care and affection but also reassure her that she holds a special place in your life.

  1. I'll be your personal cheerleader, always rooting for you.
  2. I'll make you playlists of songs that remind me of you.
  3. I'll keep a secret stash of your favorite snacks for whenever you need a pick-me-up.
  4. I'll be your late-night phone call when you can't sleep.
  5. I'll write you love letters just because.
  6. I'll surprise you with handwritten notes hidden around your space.
  7. I'll be your partner in crime for spontaneous adventures.
  8. I'll cook you breakfast in bed on lazy Sundays.
  9. I'll learn to dance with you, even if I have two left feet.
  10. I'll be your shoulder to lean on during tough times.
  11. I'll be your biggest fan at every milestone and achievement.
  12. I'll take care of you when you're feeling under the weather.
  13. I'll watch your favorite movies with you, even if they're not my cup of tea.
  14. I'll be your sounding board for all your crazy ideas.
  15. I'll support you in pursuing your passions, no matter what they may be.
  16. I'll be your partner in silly adventures and spontaneous escapades.
  17. I'll be your rock, steady and reliable through it all.
  18. I'll never stop making you laugh, even on the toughest days.
  19. I'll be your personal hype squad, boosting your confidence whenever you need it.
  20. I'll cherish every moment with you, making memories to last a lifetime.
  21. I'll love you unconditionally, with all my heart and soul.

When she asks, "What will you do for me?" take this as a perfect opportunity to showcase your romantic side.

Why not respond with something as heartfelt as, "I'll make your happiness my priority." This simple statement is powerful enough to convey your commitment to her well-being and happiness.

The Adventurous Reply

For those who share a love for thrill and excitement, your answer should echo this shared passion.

When she questions, "What will you do for me?" respond with an adventurous proposal that promises a life of exciting escapades and shared experiences.

  1. I'll whisk you away on a spontaneous road trip to nowhere.
  2. Let's go cliff diving at sunset, just you and me.
  3. How about we explore an abandoned building and make up ghost stories?
  4. I'll take you on a nighttime kayak adventure under the stars.
  5. Let's get lost in a corn maze and find our way out together.
  6. How about we go skinny dipping in a secluded lake?
  7. Let's try bungee jumping off a bridge, just for the thrill of it.
  8. How about we embark on a cross-country train journey with no destination in mind?
  9. Let's go ziplining through the forest canopy and feel the rush together.
  10. How about we go urban exploring in the city and discover hidden gems?
  11. Let's rent a hot air balloon and soar above the clouds for a bird's eye view.
  12. How about we go spelunking in a mysterious cave system?
  13. Let's try parasailing over the ocean and feel the freedom of flight.
  14. How about we go white-water rafting and conquer the rapids together?
  15. Let's go horseback riding through scenic trails and enjoy the tranquility.
  16. How about we go sandboarding down massive dunes in the desert?
  17. Let's try tandem skydiving and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush.
  18. How about we go camping in the wilderness and stargaze by the campfire?
  19. Let's rent a convertible and take a spontaneous road trip along the coast.
  20. How about we go on a hot spring hopping adventure and relax in natural pools?
  21. Let's go on a midnight hike and watch the sunrise from a breathtaking viewpoint.

You might consider a response such as, "I'll be your partner in crime in the most exhilarating adventures." This playful promise conveys your eagerness to explore the world together.

You can also pledge to help her fulfill her wildest dreams, like, "Together, we'll work on ticking off every item on your bucket list." This not only shows your readiness to support her goals but also suggests that you'll add more excitement to her life.

If you are confident in your exploratory abilities, a bold statement like, "We'll venture into uncharted territories, discovering the world hand-in-hand," will leave her exhilarated.

The Supportive Answer

When it comes to answering the question, "What will you do for me?" one approach that is sure to impress is the supportive response.

Displaying your steadfast support can send a powerful message about your commitment to her.

  1. I'll be your biggest cheerleader, celebrating your victories and comforting you during your setbacks.
  2. Whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, I'll be there to listen and provide comfort.
  3. I'll encourage you to chase your dreams and support you every step of the way.
  4. You can count on me to offer practical help whenever you need it, whether it's with chores or errands.
  5. I'll be your partner in adventure, always up for trying new things and exploring new places with you.
  6. I'll prioritize your happiness and well-being above all else.
  7. You'll never have to face challenges alone because I'll be right by your side, ready to tackle them together.
  8. I'll respect your independence and give you the space you need while still being there when you need me.
  9. I'll make an effort to understand your perspective and be empathetic to your feelings.
  10. I'll be your sounding board, offering insights and perspectives to help you navigate life's complexities.
  11. You can trust me to be honest with you, even when the truth may be difficult to hear.
  12. I'll support your passions and interests, even if they differ from my own.
  13. Your goals will become my goals, and I'll do everything in my power to help you achieve them.
  14. I'll stand up for you and defend you when necessary, always having your back.
  15. I'll make you laugh when you're feeling down and bring joy to your life in any way I can.
  16. You can rely on me to be consistent and reliable, someone you can always count on.
  17. I'll show you love and affection in both big gestures and small, everyday moments.
  18. I'll strive to be a positive influence in your life, uplifting you and bringing out the best in you.
  19. I'll be your rock, providing stability and strength when life gets tough.
  20. I'll be committed to building a strong and lasting relationship with you, based on trust and mutual respect.
  21. Together, we'll create a partnership filled with love, laughter, and unwavering support.

By focusing on the ways you can be there for her, you'll demonstrate that you are not just a partner, but a reliable confidant she can trust.

Consider these phrases that express your supportive intent.

You could say, "I'll be your biggest cheerleader," to convey your readiness to celebrate her achievements and encourage her pursuits.

Or try something like, "I'll be there for you, through thick and thin," to reassure her that you're committed to standing by her side, regardless of the circumstances.

The Self-improvement Approach

Choosing to better yourself for the one you care about can be a powerful response to her question, "What will you do for me?" It signals your readiness to grow and evolve for the betterment of your relationship.

  1. I'll invest time in understanding your passions and goals.
  2. I'll support your ambitions with unwavering encouragement.
  3. I'll strive to be a source of inspiration and positivity in your life.
  4. I'll continuously work on becoming a better version of myself for you.
  5. I'll cherish our differences and celebrate our similarities.
  6. I'll make it my mission to bring laughter and joy into your days.
  7. I'll prioritize communication and always be open to discussing anything on your mind.
  8. I'll surprise you with small gestures that show how much I appreciate you.
  9. I'll listen to your concerns with empathy and offer my support without judgment.
  10. I'll challenge you intellectually and engage in meaningful conversations.
  11. I'll respect your independence while also being there whenever you need me.
  12. I'll accompany you on adventures and create unforgettable memories together.
  13. I'll honor your boundaries and never overstep them.
  14. I'll be your rock during tough times and your partner in celebrating successes.
  15. I'll prioritize your happiness and strive to make you smile every day.
  16. I'll never stop learning and growing alongside you.
  17. I'll be transparent and honest in all our interactions.
  18. I'll make sure you feel cherished and loved, always.
  19. I'll encourage you to pursue your passions fearlessly.
  20. I'll be your teammate in navigating life's challenges and triumphs.
  21. I'll be your biggest cheerleader, rooting for you every step of the way.

You could say, "I'll strive to be the best person I can be for you." This response demonstrates a commitment to self-improvement for the sake of enriching your relationship.

You're essentially promising to continue growing as an individual, which can also foster growth within your relationship.

Alternatively, try responding with, "I'll learn to cook your favorite meal." This statement not only shows your willingness to learn new things for her happiness but also implies your desire to spend quality time together.

Responding With A Question

A clever way to navigate the question, "What will you do for me?" is by responding with an insightful query of your own.

This tactic invites her to express her thoughts and desires, creating an opportunity for a deeper conversation.

  1. "What do you enjoy doing in your free time?"
  2. "What kind of adventure are you looking for?"
  3. "How can I make you smile today?"
  4. "What's your idea of a perfect date?"
  5. "What do you hope to gain from our time together?"
  6. "What's your favorite way to relax?"
  7. "What's something you've always wanted to try?"
  8. "What's your passion that you'd love to share?"
  9. "What's your favorite memory?"
  10. "What do you envision for our future?"
  11. "What makes you feel appreciated?"
  12. "What can I do to make your day brighter?"
  13. "What's something you've been curious about lately?"
  14. "What kind of support do you need right now?"
  15. "What's a dream you're working towards?"
  16. "What's your idea of the perfect getaway?"
  17. "What's something you've been wanting to learn?"
  18. "What's a small gesture that would make your day?"
  19. "What's the most important thing to you in a relationship?"
  20. "What's something you're grateful for today?"
  21. "What's your favorite way to spend time together?"

It's not about sidestepping her question, but about encouraging her to voice her expectations, allowing you to understand her better.

Just remember to genuinely listen to her response, demonstrating your readiness to engage in open and sincere communication.

This method should be used as a way to deepen your connection, not to avoid her question.

After all, meaningful conversation is at the heart of every successful relationship.

Thanks for reading! 165 Witty Answers To “What Will You Do For Me?” To A Girl you can check out on google.

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