125 Best Answers To “How Was Your Weekend?”

Jyoti Choudhary

Just another mundane Monday morning, and your coworker pops up the routine question, “How was your weekend?” Now, how often have you found yourself lost for a suitable response?

Whether you want to keep it casual, inject humor, or turn the tables around, we've got you covered.

Let's delve into the art of mastering the perfect response to this all-too-common question.

Understanding the Purpose of the Question

how was your weekend? is not just another question but a social protocol that enables communication between people in different situations.

It works as a conversation starter, fostering a comfortable environment for interaction.

It might seem like a trivial question, but in reality, it is a powerful instrument in building relationships, both professional and personal.

By responding thoughtfully to the question, you convey your appreciation for the other person's interest in your life.

This also presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality traits, hobbies, or principles.

The Casual Response: “Good, thanks. How was yours?”

Not every instance calls for detailed conversation and that's where a brief, polite reply comes into play.

The casual response, Good, thanks.

How was yours? is a reliable go-to for such scenarios.

Not only does it answer the inquirer’s curiosity about your weekend, but it also reciprocates the same interest, maintaining the conversational balance.

This type of response is ideal when time is limited or the situation doesn't warrant an elaborate discussion.

Let’s look at a few variations of this casual response that can keep the conversation light and pleasant:

  1. It was relaxing, how was yours? 😌
  2. Interesting, and your weekend? 🧐
  3. Had some fun moments, how about yours? 🎠
  4. Quite routine, how was yours? 🔄
  5. Surprisingly serene, and yours? 🏞
  6. Good, spent time with family. How was yours? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  7. Decent, how about yours? 😊
  8. Quite busy, how was your weekend? 🏃‍♂
  9. Not too bad, and yours? 👍
  10. Chilled out, how about you? ❄
  11. Quite the adventure, how was yours? 🚁
  12. Productive, and your weekend? 🗂
  13. Pleasantly quiet, how was yours? 🤫
  14. Full of surprises, how about yours? 🎁
  15. Somewhat lazy, how was your weekend? 🛌
  16. Pretty lively, and yours? 🎉
  17. Rained in, how about you? ☔
  18. Unusually calm, how was yours? 🧘‍♀
  19. Great, had some alone time. How was yours? 🕰
  20. Busy exploring, how about your weekend? 🗺
  21. Laid back, how was yours? 🍹
  22. I spent the weekend learning how to play the guitar. 🎸
  23. I enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the beach. 🌅
  24. I visited my grandparents and had a lovely time. 👵👴
  25. I hiked up a beautiful trail in the mountains. 🏔
  26. I tried out a new workout routine. 🏋‍♂
  27. I participated in a local charity run. 🏃‍♀
  28. I finally finished the novel I've been reading. 📚
  29. I cooked a fancy dinner for my family. 🍽
  30. I worked on my photography skills. 📷
  31. I caught up with an old friend over coffee. ☕
  32. I took my dog to a new park. 🐶
  33. I visited a new art exhibition in town. 🖼
  34. I worked on my gardening skills. 🌷
  35. I went to a fun music festival. 🎵
  36. I took a pottery class. 🏺
  37. I did some spring cleaning. 🧹
  38. I tried my hand at baking a cake. 🎂
  39. I had a relaxing day at the spa. 🧖‍♀
  40. I practiced yoga and meditation. 🧘‍♂
  41. I went wine tasting at a vineyard. 🍷
  42. I spent time playing board games with my friends. 🎲

Adding a Little More Detail: “It was great! I went hiking in the mountains.”

If the situation allows for more than a simple answer, feel free to share a bit more about your weekend.

This can provide a launchpad for further discussion and even lead to discovering shared interests or experiences.

For instance, a response like It was great! I went hiking in the mountains, can spark conversations around a shared love for outdoor activities, favorite hiking spots, or even travel adventures.

Here are some more detailed responses that can help kickstart a more engaging conversation:

  1. I explored a beautiful new trail in the woods! 🌲
  2. I spent my weekend learning a new cooking recipe. 🍳
  3. I had a wonderful time volunteering at a local shelter. 🏥
  4. I went to an inspiring workshop over the weekend. 🗂
  5. I took a leisurely stroll through a local farmers market. 🍎
  6. I spent a tranquil afternoon painting. 🎨
  7. I visited a fun amusement park with my family. 🎡
  8. I enjoyed a delightful picnic in the park. 🧺
  9. I spent the day trying out a new sport golf! 🏌‍♀
  10. I had a fun day out shopping with friends. 🛍
  11. I had a fantastic day exploring a historical site. 🏰
  12. I tried my hand at DIY home decor. 🔨
  13. I joined a community clean-up drive. 🚮
  14. I relaxed with a good book at a local café. 📖
  15. I attended a fascinating lecture on modern art. 🎭
  16. I had a fun-filled day at the zoo. 🦁
  17. I did a mini road trip to a nearby town. 🚗
  18. I tried out a new workout routine at my gym. 🏋‍♀
  19. I attended an amazing live music gig. 🎤
  20. I explored a new photography exhibit at the local gallery. 📸
  21. I went fruit-picking at a local farm. 🍓

Injecting Humor: “I became best friends with my couch.”

Adding a touch of humor to your response can be a great way to keep the conversation light and enjoyable.

Giving a humorous twist to your lazy weekend, like saying, I became best friends with my couch, not only gets a laugh but also opens up room for conversations about everyone's favorite lazy day activities.

A clever quip can make a standard question much more entertaining.

So, next time someone asks about your weekend, surprise them with these humor-filled responses:

  1. I ran a marathon...on Netflix. 📺
  2. I won a staring contest with my ceiling. 👀
  3. I went on an adventure to the kitchen and back. 🥪
  4. I gave my bed a lot of company. 🛏
  5. I tried to reach the end of the Internet. 💻
  6. I practiced my horizontal life pause. 😴
  7. I attempted to break my record for most hours slept. 🛌
  8. I had a wild party with my books. 📚
  9. I held a solo fashion show in my living room. 👗
  10. I was a superhero...in my dreams. 🦸‍♀
  11. I took a journey to the center of my fridge. 🍕
  12. I had a thrilling game of hide-and-seek with my motivation. 🙈
  13. I became a professional pajama wearer. 👖
  14. I debated with my alarm clock. ⏰
  15. I tested the theory of 'bed gravity'. 🧲
  16. I discovered my inner peace...and inner pizza. 🍕
  17. I was busy making a dent in my couch. 🛋
  18. I toured the fascinating world of my apartment. 🏠
  19. I had an exclusive meet and greet with my pets. 🐱
  20. I went on a safari...in my backyard. 🌳
  21. I performed a solo concert in my shower. 🎤

The Honest, But Relatable Answer: “I had a lazy weekend.”

Let's be real.

Not every weekend is spent on grand adventures or exciting projects.

Sometimes, we relish those lazy days where we don't do much but recharge.

If that's how you spent your weekend, don't hesitate to share.

An answer like, I had a lazy weekend, can be very relatable and spark discussions about favorite ways to relax and unwind.

Being upfront about your laid-back weekend could make the conversation more authentic and enjoyable.

So, next time someone asks about your weekend, consider these straightforward yet relatable responses:

  1. I caught up on some much-needed sleep. 😴
  2. I took time to declutter and organize my space. 🧹
  3. I binge-watched a new show on Netflix. 📺
  4. I dedicated some time to my side gig. 💼
  5. I engaged in some self-reflection and meditation. 🧘‍♀
  6. I indulged in a self-care day. 💅
  7. I treated myself with some online shopping. 🛍
  8. I finally tackled that laundry pile. 🧺
  9. I attempted a digital detox over the weekend. 📵
  10. I simply lounged around, recharging my energy. 🔋
  11. I took a long, leisurely walk in the park. 🚶‍♂
  12. I spent the day experimenting in the kitchen. 🍲
  13. I visited a local bookstore and lost track of time. 📚
  14. I listened to my favorite music and just chilled. 🎶
  15. I gave my green thumb a workout in the garden. 🌿
  16. I snuggled up with my pets for a lazy day in. 🐱
  17. I had a relaxing soak in the tub. 🛁
  18. I re-read my favorite book. 📖
  19. I had a video game marathon. 🎮
  20. I spent the day journaling and sketching. 📝
  21. I spent a good amount of time cloud-watching. ☁.

Turning the Question Around: “It was nice. I did some gardening. How about you?”

In a social conversation, maintaining balance is key.

Here's how you can naturally turn the question around after sharing about your weekend:

  1. I spent the weekend relaxing.How about yours? 😎
  2. I got a chance to read a great book.How was your weekend? 📖
  3. I took up a new fitness challenge. What about you? 💪
  4. I enjoyed a cookout with friends. How was yours? 🍔
  5. I attended a captivating theater performance. And you? 🎭
  6. I did some spring cleaning .How was your weekend? 🧹
  7. I explored a local farmers market. How about you? 🍅
  8. I worked on a DIY project. How was yours? 🔨
  9. I took a road trip.And your weekend? 🚗
  10. I spent time learning a new instrument.How was yours? 🎹
  11. I tried a new recipe. How about you? 🍲
  12. I volunteered at an animal shelter. How was your weekend? 🐶
  13. I took a yoga class. What about you? 🧘‍♂
  14. I visited a museum. How was yours? 🖼
  15. I binge-watched a new series. And you? 📺
  16. I took a painting class. How was your weekend? 🎨
  17. I hosted a game night. How about yours? 🎲
  18. I took a nature walk. How was your weekend? 🌳
  19. I caught up on sleep. And you? 😴
  20. I gardened. How about your weekend? 🌿
  21. I had a picnic. How was yours? 🧺.
Engaging in this way can turn a simple question about your weekend into a lively, balanced conversation.

After sharing details about your weekend, a great way to keep the dialogue rolling is by reciprocating the question with, How about you? This not only keeps the conversation two-sided but also displays your interest in the other person's life.

This approach can open avenues for further discussion, and potentially build stronger connections.

Thanks for reading! 125 Best Answers To “How Was Your Weekend?” you can check out on google.

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