139 Best Answers To “What Are You Doing This Weekend?” (Mostly, Flirty Responses)

Jyoti Choudhary

When someone asks you, “What are you doing this weekend?” it can be more than a casual inquiry.

This seemingly simple question might be a way for someone to express interest, seek your company, or start a deeper conversation.

This blog post is your guide to crafting the best answers to this question ones that not only convey your plans but also reflect your personality and intention.

Get ready to turn this casual question into an opportunity to build relationships, flirt, or simply show your humor.

Understanding the Power of a Good Response

The significance of how you answer "What are you doing this weekend?" shouldn't be underestimated.

Your response to this query could be the catalyst for a meaningful conversation and has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

From fostering friendships to sparking flirtation, your response is a versatile tool in interpersonal communication.

It can effectively relay your intent be it playful banter, a flirtatious advance, or maintaining a casual atmosphere.

With a well-crafted reply, you can encourage continued interaction and steer the conversation towards the direction you desire.

Building Anticipation with Your Response

Creating a sense of anticipation with your response can add a thrilling edge to the conversation.

An air of mystery or the promise of something exciting can captivate the other person, making them look forward to the possibility of spending time with you over the weekend.

  1. “I have an adventure in store, but I can’t let the cat out of the bag yet.”
  2. “I'm lined up for something enjoyable, and it could use an extra participant...Interested?”
  3. “I’m gearing up for something electrifying this weekend. Do you have the courage to tag along?”
  4. “I’ve made plans to try something different. Care to venture a guess?”
  5. Oh, just plotting how to make this weekend even more memorable with you.
  6. Keeping it a mystery, but I promise it involves you and me.
  7. Planning on indulging in some spontaneous adventures, care to join?
  8. Thinking about how I can make your weekend better than any plans you had.
  9. I have a few ideas in mind, but they all involve spending time with you.
  10. Anticipating some quality time with someone special (hint: it's you).
  11. Contemplating ways to make this weekend unforgettable, any suggestions?
  12. Just counting down the hours until I can see that smile of yours again.
  13. My weekend plans? Oh, just envisioning the perfect date with you.
  14. Dreaming up scenarios where we're together, laughing, and having a blast.
  15. Picturing us sharing moments that we'll be talking about for weeks.
  16. I've got a few surprises up my sleeve for this weekend, care to be part of them?
  17. Planning on creating memories that will last longer than just the weekend.
  18. Oh, just conjuring up fantasies of us together, making the most of every moment.
  19. Imagining all the fun we could have if you were part of my weekend plans.
  20. Brainstorming ways to ensure this weekend is one for the books, with you by my side.
  21. Visualizing us enjoying each other's company and forgetting about the rest of the world.
  22. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be extraordinary, especially with you involved.
  23. Oh, just daydreaming about all the possibilities with you in the picture.
  24. Contemplating how to turn a regular weekend into a romantic adventure with you.

Such replies don't just respond to the question asked, they give it a playful twist that ignites curiosity.

They don’t divulge specific details about your plans but hint at the promise of an interesting weekend.

The Art of Being Non-Committal Yet Intriguing

You don't always need to lay out your plans explicitly when asked about your weekend.

Sometimes, a vague but enticing response can be just as engaging.

It leaves them guessing, while adding an element of excitement to the conversation.

This approach is perfect if you want to maintain a breezy, casual vibe.

  1. “What’s happening this weekend? Well, it’s a classified information.”
  2. “Nothing out of the ordinary...or perhaps something extraordinary.Stay tuned.”
  3. “Let’s just say, it's going to be a memorable weekend.”
  4. “Hmm...it’s going to be a surprise. Are you game?”
  5. Oh, just planning on keeping the mystery alive this weekend.
  6. Exploring the unknown, care to join?
  7. I have a few surprises up my sleeve. Care to find out?
  8. This weekend, I'm on a quest for the unexpected.
  9. Embracing spontaneity and all its wonders.
  10. My weekend agenda? A delightful enigma.
  11. Keeping it spontaneous, as always.
  12. Just letting the weekend unfold its magic.
  13. Oh, you know, dancing with serendipity this weekend.
  14. Planning on indulging in some delightful mysteries.
  15. Keeping my plans fluid, who knows where the wind will take me?
  16. Engaging in some delightful escapades, care to join the adventure?
  17. This weekend's itinerary? Oh, it's a delightful puzzle.
  18. Oh, the usual letting the weekend surprise me.
  19. I'm on a mission to discover the unexpected this weekend.
  20. This weekend, I'm diving into the realm of possibilities.
  21. Letting spontaneity be my guide this weekend.
  22. Oh, just going where the wind blows me. Care to come along?
  23. Keeping it open-ended and full of possibilities.
  24. Exploring the uncharted territories of the weekend ahead.
  25. Planning on making some delightful detours this weekend.

With such answers, you keep your plans under wraps, yet add an air of intrigue.

This also leaves room for potential shared activities, if the other person is intrigued enough to ask more.

Just remember, the key to making these responses work lies in the delivery.

Showing Interest with Your Answer

The way you answer the question "What are you doing this weekend?" can subtly convey your interest in the person asking.

This approach is particularly advantageous if you're looking to deepen your connection or move your relationship to a more intimate level.

  1. I'm planning a little adventure, care to join?
  2. Thinking about exploring a new part of town, want to be my guide?
  3. Perhaps catching a movie, any recommendations?
  4. Contemplating a spontaneous road trip, care to be my co-pilot?
  5. Considering trying out a new recipe, care to be my taste tester?
  6. Entertaining the idea of visiting an art exhibit, care to join me?
  7. Pondering a hike in the mountains, care to join for the views?
  8. I might be hitting up a cozy café for some coffee, care to join for a chat?
  9. Thinking about attending a local event, care to come along?
  10. Planning to indulge in some retail therapy, care to be my shopping buddy?
  11. Contemplating a picnic in the park, care to join for some relaxation?
  12. Considering a stroll on the beach, care to join for some sunset vibes?
  13. Thinking about trying out a new workout class, care to join for some fitness fun?
  14. Mulling over the idea of attending a live music gig, care to be my concert buddy?
  15. Debating whether to visit a museum or go for a bike ride, care to help me decide?
  16. Considering a day of volunteering, care to join for some altruistic adventures?
  17. Contemplating a visit to an amusement park, care to join for some thrill rides?
  18. Pondering a visit to a botanical garden, care to join for some serene beauty?
  19. Thinking about hosting a small get-together, care to be my guest of honor?
  20. Contemplating a game night with friends, care to join for some friendly competition?
  21. Considering a cozy night in with a good book or movie, care to join for some relaxation?

By crafting your response to show your interest in spending time together, you offer them an open invitation to further the conversation or plan a shared activity.

However, it's crucial to ensure your tone aligns with the lighthearted nature of your response.

A relaxed, warm tone can effectively communicate your intentions without seeming too forward.

It's also essential to be attentive to their reaction and adjust your approach accordingly.

Showing interest with your answer can turn a casual conversation into an opportunity for deepening relationships and exploring shared interests.

Being Flirtatious with Your Reply

Flirting can add a whole new level of excitement and interest to a conversation.

If you're looking to infuse a touch of flirtation when answering the "What are you doing this weekend?" question, here are a few creative, flirty responses that can certainly elevate the chat.

  1. "Just counting down the minutes until I can see you again."
  2. "Planning on getting lost in your eyes."
  3. "Hoping my weekend involves getting to know you better."
  4. "Whatever it is, it'll be ten times better if you're a part of it."
  5. "Trying to convince you to join me for some fun."
  6. "Probably daydreaming about our next date."
  7. "Making room in my schedule for you."
  8. "Whatever it is, it'll pale in comparison to spending time with you."
  9. "Hopefully making memories that involve you."
  10. "Thinking about how much better my weekend would be if it involved you."
  11. "Plotting ways to impress you this weekend."
  12. "Hoping my weekend plans somehow involve you."
  13. "Looking forward to the possibility of seeing you."
  14. "I'm open to suggestions, especially if they involve you."
  15. "Trying to come up with something as captivating as you are."
  16. "Planning on making you laugh until your cheeks hurt."
  17. "Just waiting for the chance to sweep you off your feet."
  18. "Keeping my options open, but secretly hoping you'll be a part of them."
  19. "Trying to figure out how to make you smile this weekend."
  20. "Wishing my weekend could start early with you by my side."

A cheeky grin, a playful tone, or a suggestive wink can work wonders in conveying the flirtatious essence of your response.

However, always make sure your flirtatious advances are welcomed and reciprocated.

This approach is perfect for those who want to add a bit of playful flirting to their conversation, making it more lively and engaging.

Just ensure to balance your flirtatious remarks with genuine interest in the other person and the conversation.

After all, the most irresistible flirtation comes from authenticity.

Using Humor to Lighten the Mood

Injecting a dash of humor into your response to the "What are you doing this weekend?" question can instantly brighten the atmosphere and bring a smile to the asker's face.

It serves as an effective ice-breaker, putting both parties at ease and paving the way for a laid-back and enjoyable conversation.

Here are a few amusing responses that can help you turn a simple question into a laughter-filled chat.

  1. "Well, I was thinking of trying to break a world record, maybe longest nap ever?"
  2. "Battling dragons, rescuing princesses, you know, the usual stuff."
  3. "I’ll be working on my secret superpower.But remember, you didn’t hear it from me."
  4. "Debating whether to clean the house or follow my dream of becoming a professional couch potato."
  5. "Plotting to take over the world, but I might squeeze you in for a coffee break."
  6. "Trying to perfect my dance moves for when I sweep you off your feet."
  7. "Just polishing my charm for our inevitable rendezvous."
  8. "Indulging in some intense Netflix and chill sessions, care to join?"
  9. "Planning a spontaneous adventure, wanna be my partner in crime?"
  10. "Binge-watching rom-coms to pick up some smooth lines to impress you."
  11. "Thinking about how to outdo myself from last weekend's shenanigans, any suggestions?"
  12. "Wrestling with the idea of whether to make pancakes for breakfast or dinner, care to weigh in?"
  13. "Crafting the perfect playlist for our potential impromptu dance-off."
  14. "Debating between a cozy night in or an adventurous night out with you as the deciding factor."
  15. "Researching the best brunch spots in town for our potential Sunday date."
  16. "Pondering if I should break out my secret recipe for homemade cocktails when you come over."
  17. "Contemplating whether to become a master chef or settle for ordering takeout with you."
  18. "Considering a crash course in skydiving, but I might need you as my parachute."
  19. "Practicing my pick-up lines in the mirror, but I think you'll appreciate the real-life performance better."
  20. "Concocting a plan to steal you away for a weekend getaway, are you in?"
  21. "Reenacting scenes from our favorite movies in hopes of a rom-com-worthy moment."
  22. "Mulling over the idea of starting a food fight, but only if you're game to join."
  23. "Devising a foolproof strategy to win at board games, but losing to you might not be so bad."
  24. "Brainstorming ways to make you laugh until your stomach hurts, challenge accepted?"
  25. "Trying to decode the mysteries of the universe, but I think deciphering your smile might be more rewarding."

With these responses, you have a chance to show off your witty side and make the conversation a memorable one.

The aim here is to not just answer the question, but to do so in a way that injects joy and laughter into the dialogue.

Humor is an effective tool for making connections and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Giving an Honest Answer

While it's often entertaining to craft flirtatious or humorous replies, there's a time and place for straightforward, sincere responses.

Being genuine can reflect your authenticity and integrity, showing that you are comfortable with who you are and what your plans are.

It’s entirely possible that your honest answer might spark a deeper conversation or connection, as it gives the other person a glimpse into your life and interests.

Some sincere responses to the question "What are you doing this weekend?" could be:

  1. “I've set some time aside to spend with my family. We love our bonding moments.”
  2. “I plan on recharging and getting some much-needed sleep. A restful weekend can make all the difference!”
  3. “I'll be working on a personal project of mine. It's something I'm quite passionate about.”
  4. “Looks like it's going to be a Netflix marathon for me. Can't wait to dive into my favorite show.”
  5. Planning a movie marathon and cozying up with some popcorn.
  6. Experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen.
  7. Taking a scenic hike and enjoying nature's beauty.
  8. Organizing a game night with friends for some friendly competition.
  9. Exploring a nearby town I've never been to before.
  10. Attending a local concert or live music event.
  11. Checking out a new art exhibit at the museum.
  12. Volunteering at the animal shelter and spending time with furry friends.
  13. Trying out a new workout class to stay active and energized.
  14. Hosting a themed dinner party for close friends.
  15. Going on a spontaneous road trip to discover hidden gems.
  16. Attending a wine tasting event for some sophisticated fun.
  17. Taking a pottery or painting class to unleash my creativity.
  18. Relaxing at home with a good book and a glass of wine.
  19. Going on a photography excursion to capture beautiful moments.
  20. Planning a picnic in the park with delicious snacks and good company.
  21. Exploring a local farmers market for fresh produce and artisanal goods.
  22. Participating in a community clean-up initiative to give back.
  23. Taking a scenic bike ride along the waterfront.
  24. Joining a group meditation session for some inner peace and reflection.
  25. Attending a comedy show for some laughter therapy.

These responses portray your plans honestly and invite the other person to share their own.

It can lead to shared interests or deeper discussions about personal passions.

The key is to express your plans in a manner that showcases your enthusiasm for them, inviting the other person to engage further.

And remember, there’s no right or wrong response.

The best answer is one that aligns with your feelings and comfort level, allowing your true self to shine through.

Thanks for reading! 139 Best Answers To “What Are You Doing This Weekend?” (Mostly, Flirty Responses) you can check out on google.

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