89 Best Answers To “What Do You Like Doing For Fun?” (Interview Question)

Jyoti Choudhary

In any interview, one of the most common questions asked is, “What do you like doing for fun?” At first glance, this question may seem trivial or even unimportant, but it actually serves a crucial role in the hiring process.

Not only does it provide insight into your personality, but it also allows the interviewer to evaluate how well you will fit in with the company culture.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best answers to this interview question, including how to tailor your response to fit your role, the importance of honesty, showcasing your skills and interests, balancing work and leisure, examples of good responses, common mistakes to avoid, and practicing your response.

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?

Interviewers ask the question “What do you like doing for fun?” for several reasons.

Firstly, it helps them understand your personality and interests, which can provide insight into how well you would fit in with the company culture.

Secondly, it can help them evaluate how likely you are to enjoy the job, as well as whether you have good time management and stress management skills.

Thirdly, your answer can help the interviewer determine whether you will be a good cultural fit for the company.

As a job seeker, it is important to be prepared to answer this question thoughtfully and honestly.

This means highlighting hobbies and interests that are relevant to the job, and showcasing skills and strengths that align with the company's values and mission.

It is also important to strike a balance between work and leisure, by mentioning activities that you enjoy doing in your free time but also emphasizing that you are able to prioritize your work responsibilities.

Examples of Good Responses

When it comes to answering the interview question, “What do you like doing for fun?”, good responses should showcase your personality, skills, and interests.

Some examples of good responses are:

  1. "I love playing the guitar and writing songs in my free time.
  2. Music is my passion, and I find it helps me relax and express myself creatively."
  3. "I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation to help me stay centered and focused.
  4. It's helped me develop better stress management skills and improved my overall well-being."
  5. "I love trying new recipes and cooking for my friends and family.
  6. Cooking is my creative outlet, and it's taught me the importance of attention to detail and patience."
  7. I enjoy exploring new hiking trails and connecting with nature.
  8. Cooking and experimenting with new recipes is always a fun pastime for me.
  9. Playing board games with friends and family brings me a lot of joy and laughter.
  10. I find relaxation in practicing yoga and meditation.
  11. Volunteering at local community events and organizations is fulfilling for me.
  12. I love attending live music concerts and discovering new artists.
  13. Getting lost in a good book is one of my favorite ways to unwind.
  14. Traveling to new destinations and immersing myself in different cultures is exciting.
  15. Photography is a passion of mine; capturing moments and landscapes brings me joy.
  16. Trying out different art and craft projects allows me to express my creativity.
  17. Gardening and nurturing plants is a therapeutic hobby for me.
  18. Watching documentaries and learning about different topics is both educational and enjoyable.
  19. Engaging in outdoor sports like kayaking or rock climbing keeps me active and adventurous.
  20. Attending comedy shows or improv nights always guarantees a good time.
  21. I enjoy attending workshops or classes to learn new skills, like pottery or woodworking.
  22. Going to farmers' markets and cooking with fresh, local ingredients is something I look forward to.
  23. Exploring local festivals and cultural events exposes me to new experiences and traditions.
  24. I find joy in refurbishing old furniture and giving it new life with DIY projects.
  25. Participating in team sports like soccer or volleyball is a great way to stay active and socialize.
  26. I love going to amusement parks and riding roller coasters for an adrenaline rush.
  27. Hosting game nights at home with friends, complete with trivia and charades, is always a blast.
  28. Birdwatching in local parks and nature reserves is a peaceful hobby of mine.
  29. Attending wine or beer tasting events and learning about different varieties is enjoyable.
  30. I find satisfaction in completing puzzles, whether they're jigsaw puzzles or brain teasers.
  31. DIY home improvement projects, like painting or redecorating rooms, keep me busy and productive.
  32. Fishing at nearby lakes or rivers is a relaxing way for me to spend time outdoors.
  33. Participating in escape rooms with friends challenges our problem-solving skills and is a lot of fun.
  34. Attending theater performances or musicals is something I always look forward to.
  35. Organizing and hosting themed parties or events allows me to get creative with decorations and activities.
  36. I enjoy attending cooking classes to learn new techniques and cuisines.
  37. Participating in community clean-up events and environmental conservation efforts is important to me.
  38. I find joy in stargazing and identifying constellations on clear nights.
  39. Collecting antiques or vintage items and learning about their history is a hobby of mine.
  40. Going on spontaneous road trips and exploring new towns or attractions is always an adventure.
  41. Building and flying model airplanes or drones is a hobby that combines creativity and technology for me.
  42. Attending cultural festivals and trying different foods from around the world is a favorite pastime.
  43. Practicing martial arts or self-defense techniques keeps me active and confident.
  44. Going on photo walks to capture urban landscapes and street scenes is a passion of mine.
  45. Participating in charity runs or marathons for causes I believe in is fulfilling and rewarding.
  46. Engaging in astronomy and observing celestial events like meteor showers or eclipses is fascinating to me.
  47. I enjoy attending workshops or seminars on personal development and self-improvement topics.
  48. Spending time at the beach, whether it's swimming, sunbathing, or building sandcastles, is always relaxing.
  49. Foraging for wild edibles in nature and experimenting with cooking them is a unique hobby of mine.
  50. Restoring old cars or motorcycles and attending car shows is a passion project that I enjoy.
  51. Building and launching model rockets provides an exciting and hands-on experience.
  52. Learning and practicing magic tricks for entertainment is a fun skill to have.
  53. Hosting themed movie nights with friends, complete with costumes and themed snacks, is always a hit.
  54. Participating in historical reenactments allows me to immerse myself in different time periods.
  55. Attending workshops on sustainable living and eco-friendly practices aligns with my values and interests.
  56. Engaging in amateur astronomy and observing celestial phenomena like comets and planetary transits is captivating.
  57. Playing strategy-based tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons fosters creativity and camaraderie.
  58. Learning new languages and practicing them through conversation exchanges with native speakers is fulfilling.
  59. Collecting and trading rare coins or stamps is a hobby that combines history and economics.
  60. Participating in group fitness classes like dance or spin sessions is energizing and social.
  61. Building and maintaining terrariums or aquariums allows me to create miniature ecosystems.
  62. Attending historical lectures or visiting museums to learn about different cultures and civilizations is enriching.
  63. Exploring abandoned buildings or urban exploration provides a sense of adventure and discovery.
  64. Playing musical instruments, whether it's guitar, piano, or drums, allows me to express myself creatively.
  65. Engaging in geocaching and treasure hunting in local parks or wilderness areas is a thrilling outdoor activity.
  66. Hosting potluck dinners with friends where each person brings a dish from a different country or culture is a culinary adventure.
  67. Participating in improv comedy workshops helps me develop quick thinking and spontaneity skills.
  68. Building and launching homemade water rockets is a fun STEM-related activity for all ages.
  69. Attending workshops on mindfulness and meditation techniques helps me stay grounded and focused in daily life.
  70. Designing and creating custom clothing or accessories through sewing or knitting is a satisfying creative outlet.
  71. Hosting wine or cheese tasting parties with friends allows for enjoyable socializing and exploration of different flavors.
  72. Learning and practicing calligraphy or hand lettering adds a touch of artistry to everyday tasks like writing cards or notes.
  73. Exploring ghost towns or haunted locations is an adventurous hobby for those interested in the supernatural.
  74. Participating in group painting or art jam sessions fosters creativity and provides a supportive environment for artistic expression.
  75. Attending workshops or classes on sustainable gardening and permaculture techniques helps me cultivate an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  76. Restoring vintage furniture or repurposing thrifted items through upcycling projects is a rewarding way to decorate my home.
  77. Participating in historical reenactments or living history events allows me to experience the past firsthand and connect with history.
  78. Creating and maintaining a journal or bullet journal helps me stay organized and reflect on my thoughts and experiences.
  79. Hosting game nights with a focus on strategy games like chess or Settlers of Catan challenges the mind and encourages strategic thinking.
  80. Learning and practicing circus skills like juggling, aerial silks, or acrobatics provides a unique and entertaining form of exercise.
  81. Participating in urban farming or community gardening projects helps me connect with my local community and promote sustainability.
  82. Attending DIY workshops on home improvement projects like woodworking or tile laying empowers me to tackle home renovations with confidence.
  83. Volunteering as a mentor or tutor for local youth programs allows me to make a positive impact in my community and support future generations.
  84. Hosting themed dinner parties with friends, complete with costumes and decorations, allows for immersive culinary experiences and lively conversation.
  85. Learning and practicing fire spinning or poi dancing provides a mesmerizing and exhilarating form of creative expression.
  86. Participating in escape room challenges with friends or family encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills in a thrilling environment.
  87. Attending maker fairs or craft markets to discover handmade goods and unique artisanal products supports local artists and promotes creativity.
  88. Learning and practicing archery or knife throwing provides a fun and challenging outdoor activity for honing precision and focus.
  89. Hosting DIY spa days at home with friends, complete with homemade beauty treatments and relaxation techniques, is a rejuvenating way to unwind.
  90. Exploring local flea markets or antique shops to hunt for vintage treasures and unique finds is a favorite pastime for me.

Notice how each response not only highlights the specific hobby or interest but also mentions how it has helped the candidate develop important skills or traits that could be beneficial in a work environment.

Additionally, the responses are authentic and honest, without trying to impress the interviewer with generic or made-up hobbies.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When answering the interview question, “What do you like doing for fun?”, there are several common mistakes that candidates often make.

Firstly, candidates should avoid being too vague or generic in their response.

This can make it seem like they have not put much thought into their answer or are not passionate about any particular hobby or interest.

Secondly, it’s important not to make up hobbies or interests that you don’t actually enjoy.

This can come across as insincere and dishonest, potentially hurting your chances of being hired.

Additionally, candidates should avoid mentioning activities that could be seen as negative or controversial.

This includes hobbies that are illegal or potentially offensive to others.

Finally, it’s important not to mention activities that are too time-consuming and could interfere with your work responsibilities.

This can make it seem like you are not committed to your work or that you have poor time management skills.

Thanks for reading! 89 Best Answers To “What Do You Like Doing For Fun?” (Interview Question) you can check out on google.

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